When you bring in your computer for diagnostics, we simply take your details on our system, perform our diagnostics on the machine. You will then be informed by phone/email or SMS on the outcome and what the next stage should be. Our fee for this is £20. If your computer requires any work, then the fee will be waived.


Clean Code

You will be given a worksheet when your computer is booked in with us. It will contain your unique QR code in which you scan and get the latest updates 

Junk Files

Junk files are temporary files created so your computer or phone can perform specific tasks and that are now no longer needed.
At one time, these files were helpful, because programs, apps, and operating systems need to create temporary files to execute computing tasks.


short for “malicious software,” refers to any intrusive software developed by cybercriminals (often called “hackers”) to steal data and damage or destroy computers and computer systems

System optimization

implies speeding (up to near real time) overall simulation process, also critical to: Any multi-query approach: parametric, statistical, stochastic studies. Real time applications (digital twin) useful for training, user interfaces design/test, operation diagnosis.